Congratulations & Respect to ...

"kingcharles70" in the USA.

for being the first to
post online the video of himself solving
Dioctipoid 2,0 ; the difficult version.

Speaking for me, this is really quite an achievement. I can not for the
life of me figure out how to do the 1,0 never mind the 2,0.

KC qualifies for the spot prize and has duly received
his Amazon gift voucher.

This we inflated to $88,
00 pending qualification
of our design for sale in the US; thanks KC for accepting the rain
check, I owe you.


"Thanks Gary I'm sure your hard work will pay off and I hope the US
market is successful to you as I want to see more designs of the puzzle.

I already own the DIOCTIPOID 2.0                              
                      ( can't keep my hands off it!    : )"

_____________________________________   Thank you

Paying attention to the Rules &the guidelines in this site, post a video of yourself on
Youtube thoroughly mixing and then solving either variant of Dioctipoid
to achieve a grouping of any THREE stars (a star is defined as a group of four triangles
colour matched to their convex square and ignoring the diamonds for now)

You must E-mail us as per this site to let us know that you have done it.

Entrants must quote Dioctipoid and the unique long number off their token
cards to qualify.

The winners video will be posted on our site, if the video is judged to be genuine by
surviving as successfully unchallenged for one week then we shall send you a

£33.33 Amazon Gift Code,


the Dioctipoid version you don't already have.
Moulding Innovations Ltd.
Designersaurus Rex Ltd.
Although the product is off the market right
now, the prize fund has increased to
£888.oo, an amount to which I am good
for & shall add to as circumstances permit.

Please retain your cards.