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As in all projects, the critical path to achieving anything of any real
significance can be traced through the input of others.

We each build on one another's contribution and I would like to gratefully
acknowledge the help & support I have received in getting the Dioctipoid
this far.

Their generosity enabled me to get started as the CAD definition of the Dioctipoid was
completed using their software.

I'm still using the 2D freebie to create my drawings, its a truly excellent resource for
anyone with something to create.



Deb & John.
Patent applications are a leap of faith and rapidly get very, very expensive. I couldn't
really afford it on my own.


For the money, the power of this tool can not be beaten.

The guys in the dispatch office in an unknown company in Camberley who
allowed a crazy person to use their fax machine to send off his PCT application. I got
this date-stamped literally minutes before the midnight deadline!


Moulding Innovations Ltd.
Designersaurus Rex Ltd.
Cutting Edge Ltd. for their UGS
Solidedge 2D drafting and 3D
modelling software which they very
kindly allowed me to beg free use of
for a month.
3DSystems for trading favours with me and producing
the "Dioctipoid 2007" prototype via their
stereolythiographic process. This basically proved to me
that the Dioctipoid worked as predicted in the CAD
model. Without this validation I would not have had the
confidence to continue.

Bob McNeel & Co in Seattle for the Rhino 3D
surface modelling package. These guys
also give away a demo version of their software
and I made full use of this before my 25 saves
were up. Then I found I still needed it so I
bought it anyway.
And forever & always, to my family and friends who have consistently supported me
throughout the project. You know who you are.

Thank you.