When posting your videos ensure -

    - That you quote Dioctipoid and the long number off your token cards in the title to  
      qualify. We suggest Dioctipoid 1234-5678-ABCD-EFGH "Your name"
      as the title format  Please remember that we have to be able to find it.

    -  That you are easily contactable, use a legitimate e-mail address. Eventually, you
       will be required to provide your name and address as we will need to make sure
       that the infinity card can be traced back to you; this is a condition of entry.

    - That it is clearly visible that it is you solving the puzzle.

    - That it is plainly obvious that the puzzle is thoroughly mixed and that you are not
     "solving" the puzzle by reversing your moves.

    - That the video is date and time stamped by You-Tube.

Basically, we are going to push the responsibility for honesty back onto You, The Entrant.

Please take The Warning seriously.
Designersaurus Rex Ltd.
Moulding Innovations Ltd.
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Guidelines on posting Videos